About Us

Valencio Lindsay is the founder/owner of the Jamaican Passport and Document Services. He is a qualified public accountant, a former foreign service officer for the Government of Jamaica and a certified Canadian Immigration Consultant. He is qualified to do this business based on his background, his experience and his understanding of the needs of the Jamaican people, the business community, and the nuisances involved in consular, immigration, social and business matters and more fundamentally, he understands how these different aspects of the business are inter-connected. He has the knowledge and the contact necessary to make things happen. We endeavour to make your experience of doing business with us second to none.   

Jamaican Passport and Document Services is an exotic cuisine service business that caters solely to the needs of Jamaicans residing in Jamaica, and the Jamaican Diaspora living in Canada.

Our services include the procurement of personal and official documents such as passport, birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate, driver’s license, police record, tax registration number (TRN) and Jamaican citizenship certificate.

We also provide a concierge service for the Jamaican business community that wants to do business both in Canada and in Jamaica. This service covers the making of reservation for travels between Canada and Jamaica, assisting with hotel reservation, arranging of business meetings in Canada and Jamaica on behalf of our clients, meeting persons at the airports, in Jamaica and Canada, providing transportation from the airport to the hotel and back, and providing local ground transportation to and from meetings in Canada and Jamaica.

In addition, our service provides for assisting with immigration matters, mediation in domestic affairs that involves Jamaican and providing some social assistance for Jamaicans that reside in Canada, especially Toronto, Scarborough and the Greater Toronto Area.  

Jamaican Passport and Document Services is your one stop shop for all Jamaican documents and services.